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Toilet Brush Set Bathroom

Price: £15.99
Toilet Brush Set Bathroom
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SLAH Toilet Brush Set Bathroom Silicone Toilet Brushes and Holders with Long Non-Slip Plastic Handle and Gentle Pliable Bristles Along Dripless Base silicone toilet brush.

Brand: SLAH
Colour: Green
Handle material: Plastic
Specific uses for product: BATHROOM
Product dimensions: 15L x 15W x 15H millimetres
Material: Silicon

【Material】- The rubber toilet brush is composed of a robust, waterproof PP silicone substance, which reduces the need to replace toilet brushes as they are anti-rust.
【Innovative Design】- The brush head can be bent 360°. The silicone toilet brush with a holder makes it simple to clean the toilet bowl's border and under the rim. You may quickly remove dirt or hair it.
【Multi-Purpose】- Toilet brushes can be used to clean sinks, washbasins, and bathtubs in addition to toilet bowls! The silicone bristles of the toilet brush provide more friction than typical toilet brushes in a less time and with less force.
【Wall mounted】- You can hang a toilet cleaner brush on the wall without drilling, or you can use the wall hook to hang it on a smooth wall or toilet tank, or you can put it on the floor. The inside of the holder has a drip slit for optimum drainage.
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